Happy April Fool’s everyone! (ou poison d’avril pour les francophones entre nous) I hope you enjoyed the guest comic by Jessie Craig as part of the Webcomic Underdogs’ April Fool’s Switcheroo event. The theme for the event was “Too Much Coffee.” I think Jessie did a real great job nailing that theme on the head XD I think the idea of Amélie using science to create the worlds strongest coffee blend is pretty hilarious. Anyway, head over to Jessie’s comic Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms and its continuation comic, CKS Chronicles, and give them a read! You can also see the guest comic I did for them on one of these sites. I’ll post a definite link when I have one 🙂 Here is the direct link!

There is an actual page of comic today too so make sure you click that back button, friends~