Half of the joke here is that Mara only kind of knows how diabetes works. I don’t imagine Strangers have exactly the same diseases as Normals. I haven’t completely decided if they can get diabetes specifically or not. That’s a world buildy thing I’ve probably got to give more thought to :p

So for those who were wondering, ECCC was super fun! I was dying a little bit, my body was so sore the second day, but I had a really good time talking to other comic people and spending all my money on books TuT I also went to a bunch of great panels and learned a lot of new cool things that I’m looking forward to trying. One of those things is Comixology. I’m hoping sometime this quarter or over the summer to be able to start putting the chapters up there for download. I’ll put up some new buttons for it once I do. I’ve been thinking about redesigning the site a little bit, but we’ll see when I get around to it.