Rainy Day Dreams is a coming of age story about belonging, self-acceptance, and maybe a little saving the world in the process. Tristin is a human, stranded far from home in a dimension full of monsters where the sun never shines. Mara, her aloof benefactor, is a psychic trying to pick up the pieces of her life after a war. Michael, their mixed up vampire roommate, is trying to the monster people say he is with the person he wants to be.

Written and illustrated my Mariah Currey, RDD is a comic nearly a decade in the making. Having had several revisions and redraws, the first four chapters have some noticeably different styles and levels of quality. Thank you for baring with it as the comic works it’s way to the most recently drawn pages.

This comic deals with themes like romance, violence, and intolerance. This is a story driven by interpersonal relationships which aren’t always pretty. The rating for the story is most likely somewhere around PG-13. There is also coarse language at times.

About the Author:

Mariah Currey is a graphic designer by day and a comic artist the rest of the time. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, she has an affinity for rain, coffee, evergreen forests and the spooky creatures that might lurk within them.