If you’re interested in supporting Rainy Day Dreams and myself, there are lots of easy ways for you to do that!

1. Follow me on Social Media

You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for update posts, sketches, polls, and more! Twitter is going to be the most happening of these places, but I appreciate the follows on all platforms. And if you’re feeling really kind, share my posts! The best way to grow an audience is by word of mouth, so if you like my comic, spread the word!

2. Throw me some money

If you’d like to support me monthly, I have a Patreon where you can see everything from my daily work flow to the spicy drawings I occasionally do. I also do $0 posts fairly regularly (such as the Top Webcomic Rewards once they switch out) so it’s worth following me there even if you can’t spare the cash. If you’d like to give me some monetary support without the commitment, check out my online store where you can find physical merch, my gumroad for digital treats, or just leave me a tip with Kofi. I also am usually open for commissions and freelance work. If you’d like to hire me, shoot me an email with “Commission” or “Freelance” somewhere in the title.

3. Vote for RDD on Top Webcomics

Climbing that ranking ladder is a great means of free advertising for me. You’re allowed to vote once a day so even if you’ve already seen the incentive, hitting that vote button is a great way to help me promote.

4. Host a link banner!

If you have your own website where you share other creative projects you like with your viewers, consider putting a banner for RDD up! Shoot me a message if you do put any of these up. I’d love to check out your project too!