While we didn’t get as far in production with this as we would have liked, I’ve put up the Gift Dating Sim (written by my lovely SO Taylor) on Gumroad! It is pay what you want, so you can download it for free if you’d like. Tips are always appreciated~


As I’ve mentioned before, Chapter 12 is based off this game that Taylor made for fun a few years ago (he did add some new, bonus endings special for this version). While it was not 100% in-character, there were some aspects of it that I thought would be really good to incorporate into the canon so I tweaked into the chapter you guys all just finished reading. Here are the specs for it:

  • 13,000 words
  • multiple paths to one initial ending
  • 2 bonus endings after first completion
  • Rating: Older Teen (16+)
  • Contains Queer and Heterosexual Romance


While the game does have art assets, they were not specifically drawn for this game and don’t match every situation. Eventually I’d like to go back and fill everything out with character sprites for everyone, customized backgrounds, and illustrations for the kissy scenes, but at the moment I just haven’t had enough time. I still hope you all will give this a download and enjoy the fun story that Taylor wrote 🙂