I had a lot of fun doing this page. I really liked the idea of an undersea mural made out of bio-luminescent algae/sea grass. If you haven’t figured out what the mural is about based on the symbols, it’s to commemorate friendship between the Ancients and the Seafolk.

There’s also a little kind of Rosetta Stone sort of text going on here. The ground line text is an Ancient hospitality saying in their alphabet and the waterline is a similar saying in a Seafolk dialect with their alphabet which I had to create for this page specifically XD At the moment I can’t find the notebook I wrote the original phrases in, but the Ancient’s is something to the effect of “Lay your sword by my hearth for here you will find respite” and the Seafolk’s is something like “Find rest in my harbor for the tides are gentle and the water is warm.”

I did also just want to and a  quick note, please don’t worry, I promise I’m not going to kill of Tristin in this short side story X’) that would be a wild thing for me to do, especially since this takes place like 5 months in the future from the current plot timeline. Honestly, I’ve surprised and also touched by how worried folks have been about Tristin’s safety. Admittedly, going on an impromptu under-sea adventure with a strange, pointy toothed, squid-maid isn’t the best thought out plan, but I promise this short is just meant to be some quick, light-hearted fun. And yes, I do realize I’m saying that in a page where Tristin is momentarily starting to drown X’D

This short comic was my contribution to Chubby Anthology vol 5 back in 2018. Chubby Anthology is a (presumably) now defunct body positivity/LGBT+ zine series. Volume 5 was mermaid theme with a heavy emphasis on comics. It’s a really good issue and I highly encourage you to pick up a copy from my store while it’s still available. I’ve only got 15 left and there won’t be any future printings!