And to close out the week, Desmond x Mara! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ❤️❤️❤️

Mara, more so than in previous years, absolutely cleaned house when it came to votes. As you can see since she was in ever picture this time around. I was also glad to see this ship place. I’d honestly been pretty worried while working on chapter 17 that no one was going to like Desmond or that readers would be annoyed by him. So I was relief folks put votes in for him.

This concludes the 2020 Shipping Contest! Well, almost concludes. The two nsfw bases will be posting for $6 tier patrons this weekend. If that wasn’t enough, I made a special, spicy Valentine for everyone. It’s a nsfw art zine!


After Glow is a collection of 20 erotic, nsfw illustrations. Most of these I did during kinktober 2018, but it also includes new colored versions and the nsfw shipping contest pics from last year. You can pick it up on my Gumroad for $10, but as an added incentive to encourage you all to support me on Patreon, it’s free for all $6 patrons (in addition to my whole archive of nsfw art!)

I just did a revamp of my Patreon for 2020 this month. I’ve simplified it so that there are only three tiers (plus a tip jar). For $2 you’ll get to early access to pages (including the redraws of chapters 2-5 and chapter 18 before they post here), for $4 you get early pages and bonus sketches, page work in progresses, and secret behind the scenes stuff, and for $6 you get my spicy nsfw doodles and illustrations. I’m planning to do a for formal announcement for this, but I figured now was a good time to do an early shout about it.

A new short starts next week! Or rather, a new, old short. It’s the Champion bonus comic from RDD’s 4 year anniversary. Even if you were already following along when it originally posted seeing it through the context of Chapter 17 should still be a new, good experience ❤️