*trumpets* *confetti* Ta Da! Your winning ship for the second year in the row! It was a close race with both MaraxTristin and TristinxHaose, (my favorite rare pair from last year) tying for second place. I got a lot of good submissions (they were all good) and if you’d like to see the full list of all the results, $1 and higher patrons have access to 2017’s results and $5 and higher have access to 2018’s. And of course, $6 patrons get access to shipping pictures all year, but I’ll be doing some sketches of some of this years submissions specifically for patreon over the upcoming months.


We’ll see where things stand next year, but I’m thinking of maybe banning the main trio shipped with each other from voting. The poor B-listers need some love too ;p But we’ll see how I (and you all) feel next year.