Man, it’s like she hasn’t read the previous 16 chapters or something :F


Heeeeeey I’ve got exciting new! Chapter 1 remaster is officially done!! Woohoo!! :D:D:D I updated the rest of the chapter over the weekend. The update starts here, though you could also just go back to the start and read the whole thing in it’s entirety. The other piece of exciting news is that Rainy Day Dreams is being featured this week over on Comic Tea Party. Comic Tea Party is book club community focused on webcomics. They host discussion questions over on their discord server. It would be great if you wanted to pop into the server and participate anytime this week. The questions are really good and I’m super excited to see what people think! <3 Also, if you’ve come here from Comic Tea Party, welcome! I hope you’ve been enjoying RDD <3 Thanks a bunch for stopping by.