Mara’s seen some things.


Hey, it’s American Thanksgiving! I am likely at my partents’ eating all my mom’s good cooking. I hope all of you, even if you aren’t celebrating the bounties of fall, have a wonderful day. And maybe just take a moment to think of at least one thing in your life that your thankful for. I have the good fortune to having many things and folks I’m thankful for, including all of you lovely readers.

You know what would make me even more thankful? If you all would go fill out the pre-printed RDD volume 1 survey!  Even if you don’t plan on buying a copy, the final results will effect what old pages I redraw and 2019’s update schedule. I’ll be closing this survey Saturday so for all you procrastinators it’s your last chance! And I’m sure you all are very thankful that you won’t have to read this message anymore XD Thank you everyone who has already let me know your thoughts! I really appreciate it 💓 Your responses have been very helpful so far. Particularly in terms of which redo areas to prioritize.

Also I’ve got two new surveys for you (but only one that you can probably actually fill out right now)! I’ll be doing an announcement for this later but if you’re a cool person who reads all my dumb authors notes, you can get a sneak peek at this year’s two part Shipping Contest!