Fantasy sexes (not to be confused with gender)! I had a real hard time settling on a term for what Aldus is. Initially I tried researching scientific terms used to describe animals that change sex during their life. However, the most common term for that is hermaphrodite and I wasn’t about to throw that one around. A lot of the difficulty came from the transitional nature of his physiology. The word “transitionally” really got stuck in my heard so it was hard to get away from wanting to use trans as the prefix. But “transgender” isn’t really accurate in this case and “transsexual” has a lot of the same loaded connotations that hermaphrodite does. I was also really worried about accidentally / inappropriately co-opting a term that might belong to the intersex community, which I don’t know much about.

All that to say, I’m pretty sure cycle-sexed isn’t a real term used by people living on planet earth. I am super open to hearing suggestions for a better word to use if any of you have them. I think this term works, but it feels kind of clunky I think.



And also if you have a moment go fill out the pre-printed RDD volume 1 survey!  Even if you don’t plan on buying a copy, the final results will effect what old pages I redraw and 2019’s update schedule. I’m going to leave it open until the week of American Thanksgiving. Thank you to all you guys who have let me know your thoughts already! I really appreciate it 💓 Your responses have been very helpful so far. Particularly in terms of which redo areas to prioritize.