Aldus pep talk! Honestly I need to just carry that two panel of Aldus saying “You deserve to be here. Don’t forget that,” around in my wallet or something. That way I can remind myself of that when I feel like I don’t belong in webcomics, design, etc X’) Don’t any of you out there forget it either! You deserve to be doing whatever it is you love to do, even if it doesn’t always feel that way.


!!!! It’s Halloween Eve! Hope you all have a fantastic, safe and spooktacular holiday! And also if you have a moment go fill out the pre-printed RDD volume 1 survey!  Even if you don’t plan on buying a copy, the final results will effect what old pages I redraw and 2019’s update schedule. I’ll probably leave it open through November but the sooner I get feedback the better. Thank you to all you guys who have let me know your thoughts already! I really appreciate it 💓