See it’d be way more noticable if past Mariah could draw guys with short hair :T


So Michael being able to grow his hair back is only sort of canon. I pull my vampire traits from a lot of different sources and, as I think I’ve said, there’s a fair amount of speciation within the vampire community of the Nameless World. I read a lot of Anne Rice as a teen so the hair growing back while they sleep thing was picked up from that. Since then, I’ve written Michael to have had multiple hair lengths throughout his life (or unlife, whatever) so this doesn’t really apply anymore. It might be that he can just expend extra energy to make his hair grow faster or something, I don’t know. We’ll see what I decide. As of currently, I’m not planning for half his hair to get cut off again so I guess I’ll cross that bridge later if I get to it. For now, that ability is not completely canonical.


Also tomorrow is my burfday OHO Let’s see if I get a birthday image done in time for it to post tomorrow!