So another thing about these Tall Tales, they’ve got some bizarre fashion choices in them. Mainly for this one I’m talking about Mara’s arm warmers. Arm warmers are great, I love them. However, this (being an older drawn chapter) was before I really had settled in what Mara’s style was going to consistently be. For me it’s a little off character for her, but it’s probably fine for everyone else XD I’m just a super picky perfectionist when it comes to my baby.


Tristin’s shirt though. Amazing. Thoctopus 5 ever.


Anyway! For those of you folks going to Emerald City Comic Con, I will also be there! No booth this year, I’ll just be walking around. You may find me occasionally at the Space Goat Production booth though, as Taylor will be working there most of the weekend. If you want to play Where’s Mariah, I’ll be wearing blue, viney/florally pants and some kind of white shirt. I’ll also have shaggy gross hair because I wasn’t able to get a hair cut beforehand X’D I’ll probably be tweeting periodically throughout the weekend, so head over to my twitter account if you want my play by play of the con.