Whoa man we are in uncharted territory with this mind palace non-panel layout 😮 You’re gonna kind of want to read this in a z shape. It’s not a big deal if you don’t, you’ll just want to finish up with the three bubbles in the bottom right corner. I feel bad about weirdly formatted pages, cuz I never know if it’ll stress people out or if they’ll get confused. I usually try to do it in a way that it would make sense if I saw a random page laid out that way, but my brain doesn’t work the same as everyone else’s unfortunately :/ This is also another one of the super old pages, laid out by less experienced Mariah so there’s that too I guess.


Did you know Rainy Day Dreams was having a contest from December 2014 – February 2015? Only one short (cuz February is tiny) month left to do a submission. Check out the details here if you’re interested!