First off, I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s up with this full color beach page! This is page 1 of a 5 page short I did for volume 5 of Chubby Anthology. The theme is mermaids so I took the oppurtunity to do a short beach day RDD story! This was actually based on one of the prompt ideas I had for last summer’s Choose Your Own Adventure event. Pre-Orders for this volume are open now! The whole anthology is full of really amazing comics. This one is also a charity anthology. All of the proceeds will be donated to ActBlue: Supporting Kids at the Border. So not only do you a really beautiful book, you also get to feel good about helping kids reunite with their families. Pre-orders will only be open until October 14th so don’t wait til the last minute. As an added incentive, if you send me (either via social media dm or email) a screen shot of your receipt I’ll draw a little beach theme doodle and give you a social media shout-out for being rad.


Chubby fun aside, it’s almost that special time of the year, the most spoopy season of all, October! Which also means RDD’s 4th birthday is right around the corner! I just wanted to give you all a heads up on what posting schedule (and birthday festivities) are going to look like. The main story will go back up to the regular 2 page per week, Tuesday/Thursday, schedule expect for the week of the 13th (birthday week!). From the 8th to the 11th I’ll be posting a page a day of the redraw pages of chapter 1 that I’ve been working on over the break. Then on the 12th I’ll be making the official birthday post. It’ll be an illustration with a special announcement (that you may have seen already if you follow either my twitter or patreon)!

2 per week updates will continue through November, but it may drop back down to 1 in either December or January. It depends on a few factors that will be revealed in the birthday announcement.

I had a really great few months of break. Got a lot of good work and relaxing done 😎 While we’re on the subject of October, I’ll be doing Inktober again this year. I’m splitting the month between two themes this year: Mariah’s webcomic reading list and Kinktober. I’ll be posting those dailies on both twitter and patreon (for $0, you just gotta hit follow 😉 ) so get on over there if you’d like to keep up with those. However, as a note, I will only be posting previews of the NSFW stuff to Twitter. If you want to see that hot and spicy content (and trust me, these pencils? oh man watch out) in it’s full glory, get on over to Patreon and pledge at the $6 level.


Thank you all for your continued support and readership <3