Carbon – Helium – Erbium
You probably can’t and shouldn’t forma molecules out of this. I’m not sure what Erbium is, but it’s on that little pull out part of the periodic table and I vaguely remember those being special for some reason. Probably for unstable reasons.

Happy Holidays everyone! I decided to do an Amélie picture last minute because there was like 3 of you that all voted for her on the popularity poll over the course of a week. I promise she will be back relatively soon. In like three or four chapters. That might take a while real time ^^’ Anyway, I hope all of you have a safe and happy weekend, regardless of if you’re celebrating Christmas or not UuU


If you missed the Fire Stone stream earlier today, I suggest you go check it out. It’s a real barrel of laughs. And embarrassment. So much embarrassment on my part…