Book 1 funding has hit 100%!

I’m really excited that I’m gonna get to print this book! And also really exhausted from all the social media posts I’ve had to make TuT So I’m going to keep this one short. There’s still 10 days left on the campaign! So if you haven’t reserved your copy yet there’s still time. Even though the book has funded, there are still stretch goals to shoot for. The most likely one to be reached is the $2,000 – Book 1 Unedited Comparison PDF goal. This will add a side by side, page by page collection of the “original book 1” as published online and the new, remastered and redrawn pages. Will include author commentary on design and storytelling theory. This PDF will be added to all tiers.

There’s also still social media stretch goals to meet to unlock more stickers and a printed copy of the originally posted version of chapter 1. You just got to retweet this tweet and share this facebook post to sweeten the rewards for everyone.


I’m just… so grateful and also so tired TuT Have a nice day everyone. I’m going to go crawl back to bed now.