This week will marks the downhill descent into the final days of the campaign with only a little over two weeks to go! Currently with the funding tracker sitting at 90% (yay!) things should be on track to fully fund! However, as usually happens during the mid-point of a campaign, I’m experiencing a funding plateau. Now is a super important time to be sharing the project’s various social media links or to put your pledge in if you’ve been holding off until now!

Here are those links again!



I also have some more exciting news! I’m officially done with the link inks for Chapter 3 as of this weekend! Pop over to the campaign page to check out a preview for some of those.

Exploring Comics also recently reviewed the first chapter of Rainy Day Dreams! I’ve been too much of a weird baby to actually watch it myself, but I’ve been assured by my good friends who have seen it that it is a good and accurate review. Please check it out! Also go give Undead Friend (the other comic reviewed in the video) a read if it strikes your fancy!



I’ll see you back here Thursday for another piece of guest art from another awesome creator!