Edit: As of posting this, the Kickstarter actually says 60 hours left. I’m not sure if this just proves I’m bad at time or Kickstarter’s clock is weird, but I’m going to just post this “early.” Go get a book! XD


Getting so close to closing this thing out! Only 48 hours left for you to get a copy of book 1! After a rough week where I lost some funding, things ended up picking up and the campaign hit the first stretch goal. Assuming things stay were they are, I’ll be making a side by side old book 1 art vs new book 1 art pdf. This will also include some commentary notes from me about why I decided to make the various changes I did.

I also made a little playlist for the occasion. It’s made up of songs from my larger, master playlist, but more specific to just the first five chapters.

It’s been a long month. I’m feeling super exhausted while writing this. I’m going to do one more final Kickstarter update Friday and then maybe a news post Tuesday to kind of wrap up the final campaign results and talk about what posting is going to look like for the rest of the year. See you all Friday! As always, thanks for reading!