Bet you guys were wondering it this poll was actually going to be relevant, huh? ;p

Those of you following me on Twitter saw these get posted on the days leading up to Halloween, but with the bonus comic happening (and Mara wasn’t drawn until the 31st because Inktober) I figured it would be better to post a bit later. “But Mariah, Cat and Vampire were tied!” I hear you say. Well, I left the polls open a little too late, I didn’t think I’d get any more votes, already had the pencils done, and ended up getting more votes. Buuuut I did end up drawing a bonus, vampire costume Inktober later. Want to see it? It’s exclusively included in the Inktober digital collection over on my Gumroad. For only $1, you can sneak a peek at this bonus image, and also some colored versions of various Inktobers, including witchboy Michael. There’s a download code to get it for free for $5 patrons so consider becoming a patron to get this collection and more.