This chapter starts off with a YuGiOh joke so I went ahead and made the cover a parody of another YuGiOh image: yugioh-chosen

I’ve never actually watched this incarnation of YuGiOh, but I did watch the orginal 4Kids horribly dubbed one with the original cast as a child. And then later YuGiOh abridged with is fantastic and you should watch it if you want to waste some time. I was also watch their Hellsing Ultimate Abridged series because it is also pretty great and I wish it updated more than once a year :T

I’m sorry about the title of this chapter. I couldn’t think of a real name so I gave it a parody name too *weeps* There’s a reason this one is only called “Chapter 7” in the page address <_< This chapter in general is all kind of like that. It’s not really a tall tale, not in the same way the last one’s were, but it’s also so much sillier than other regular chapters. Hopefully you guys enjoy it. It’s got a lot of slapstick, overly dramatic moments, but it’s fun 🙂


Anyway, as fate would have it, I have an additional anecdotal image/story to share with you. While checking my phone Saturday night, this happened:

Unfortunately, fate was a cruel mistress and the ad was gone Sunday. Though maybe it will have returned as of today? Who knows. Also, Google their Kickstarter. The premise of their game is a trip. It’s also fully funded if you want to hop in on that action.

Also, also, I’m going to be giving a pre-emptive warning for Friday. There is going to be an update. It’s not really a bad one, but it’s a little sad. It’s already up on my deviantart if you want to go find out what it is early.