Happy Friday the 13th! Let’s start things off with a new chapter! So you may be looking at the cover page and thinking, Mariah, what the poop does Tall Tales 1-3 mean? Well friends, it means that this chapter is actually going to be a collection of short stories, three in this case. In the future, Tall Tales may not be grouped like this, it’s going to depend on if they are grouped chronologically together.

Tall Tales are basically going to be little vignette type stories. They aren’t going to have a whole lot in the way of plot the way the larger, over arching plot. Mostly they are going to be for developing the characters’ personalities/relationships (in addition to what you normally get in the regular chapters). Tall Tales, as the name hopefully implies a bit, are going to be more comic in nature, most of the time. These first one’s anyway are going to be silly. So buckle in guys! Hopefully you can deal with some antics for the next 15 pages.