More like because of my terrible, awful vampire son creation.

I had a fun time with drawing the tea set and cake. It’s based off this one from Pinterest. Which honestly looks like a fun challenge to make in my new house!! :O :O I just moved from our bad, small apartment into a nice, small house TuT Taylor and I worked super hard to make it happen (and had lots of help from our family and friends) and I’m super excited.

I’m also super exhausted TuT I’ve decided once this batch of letters goes up I’m going to take a few week hiatus from posting. That will probably start some time in April. I’ll also be doing a special just moved/grand opening/it’s my birthday sale in my new online store during that time. I’m thinking 30% off store-wide since I’ll be turning 30 next month XD If you want to scope out the current inventory you can do so here. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter while you’re there. Or while you’re here XD I’m planning on using it for announcing new items, sales, and Kickstarters. And I’ll probably do some life event style posts? Maybe some art tutorials? Or a monthly RDD comic page round up? I’m planning to sort of grow it based on reader interest.