Heeeeeey!! I’m halfway there! If you’ve backed already, thank you so much. It means everything to me. If you haven’t yet, get on over there and reserve yourself a copy!


If you aren’t able to contribute financially, that’s ok! It’s still super helpful to me if you share the page with others. I’ve got two social media stretch goals, so if you have a you have a facebook and/or a twitter share these posts! As of writing this (Sunday) the twitter post only needs 3 more retweets to add Tristin stickers to all physical reward tiers. If we get to 50 and 75, Mara and Michael stickers will also be unlocked!




Just as a non-promotional aside, I think the Kickstarter is going well, but oh boy has the last week been an emotional rolller coaster TuT I’ve heard a lot of talk from other folks who have run Kickstarters before about how mentally taxing they are, but I really had no idea what to expect. I have broken down an become a weepy mess almost everyday so far. The range of emotions and insecurities that have been coming to the surface – especially the really old, imposter syndrome ones I thought I was over – has been a wild ride so far. I’m doing my best to remember to breath, keep hydrated, and relax with something non-KS related each day. I think I’m going to plan a spa day once this thing is done X’)


I know I said last week that I’d have some fan art for you guys today, but I decided I’m actually going to post those on Thursdays. Some come back Thursday for some super good art from a talented creator! <3