Welcome back after that long break everyone! In celebration of RDD’s 1st birthday as a webcomic, please enjoy a short bonus story that’ll be updating everyday this week! Since I was in a bit of a rush to do this, the inking style is done in one similar to how I inked the Forest. That is to say using pens. This will not be a permanent change to the comic. I’m still planning on continuing to do ink washes for the actual chapters.

For those that are curious, The Cake is based off a single page RDD comic I doodled about 6 years ago when I was in France doing my exchange trip. Since part of the great European adventure I just returned from was visiting my host family, I thought it would be fun to do an expanded version of that story. My Patrons will be familiar with the original version, since it was featured in August’s Patreon update. Wanna see the original and other neat bonus material? You two can be part of the magic for only $1 per month!