Hello dear readers~ I’m sorry to interrupt the flow of Chapter 18, but I’ve got news!

First big of news, it’s that time of year again; on the 13th Rainy Day Dreams will be 6 years old! Because September was hectic, I decided that this year’s anniversary celebration is going to be me posting all the the new, book 1 pages. 🎊 I’m still waiting on the physical books from the printer, but the digital copies have gone out to the Kickstarter backers so I feel comfortable sharing all that new art with you finally. Each week of October a new (old) chapter will update. As of this week, though the new art has been up for a while, the final version is up for you to enjoy. There ended up being some dialogue tweaks between the version that was up and the print version. You can rereading here~ Also if you’d like to buy a physical copy of book 1, you can do so on my Gumroad storefront.

My other piece of news is that Taylor and I are getting married on the 27th! 💗 Hence autumn bride, Mara. X’) I definitely wasn’t going to have time to make both an anniversary picture and wedding announcement image. So I figured “Combine em!” I also didn’t want to interrupt the flow of comic pages twice in the same month with news posts.

Between wedding prep and book, Taylor and I have also been house hunting. If you’d like to help us get out of our small apartment and into a small house you can check out our registry’s house downpayment fund. Though, honestly, your well wishes and continued readership are wedding gifts enough 💗

Thanks for spending another year with my story and characters 💗 2020 has been off the rails, but I hope I was able to provide maybe at least a modicum of stability for some of you. One last thing before I sign off, if you’ll allow me to get political for a second. And if you don’t want to read this just skip the next paragraph XD

Americans, this November election is super important. For a lot of reasons. Vote for Joe Biden and vote for democrats for the Senate. I shouldn’t really have to say why after the year we all have be subjected to because of incompetent and heartless non-leadership. The road to tackling things like climate change, racial injustice, preserving reproductive rights for people with uteri, and even just getting a handle on Covid-19 is long and hard. It’ll probably take the next four years at least to get us out of this hole we’ve been put into, but we don’t stand any kind of chance with an authoritarian who won’t denounce white supremacists or a party that cares more about staying in power than actually bettering the lives of the people who elected them in control. It’s easy to feel hopeless or like your vote doesn’t count, but believe me, exercising your democratic right to have a say is so vital. We can make a better future together if we all act.

Alright. I’ll get off my soapbox now :p I hope you all enjoy the new pages. Cheers!
– Mariah