Hey everyone 🙂 If going to expound a little upon some of these things real quick down here.

As far as the bonus comics for Patreon go, these will basically be chapters that aren’t immediately relevant to the main plot of RDD. They are still chapters that I would plan on doing at some point, but you would probably not get to see them until they were released with a print edition of RDD or as a digital download. You’ll get to read at least one page a month, though my goal is to do four a month. They will have a simpler coloring style (some kind of digital) so as to cut down on production time. So for the lowest pledge amount of $1 a month, you’re making out like a bandit!

For the Top Webcomics voting I will be doing small sketch incentives (coming soon). These will be things like character responses to reader comments and extra “blooper” panels for the pages when I can think of a dumb joke. I will try to do a new one each week. The icon in the sidebar will update when a new incentive is up, but you are technically allowed to vote from as many different ip addresses as many times a day as you want, so if you have the opportunity to vote for RDD more than once a week/day, I would greatly appreciate it.


I’m going to make a longer retrospective/looking ahead post about the comic on it’s actual birthday to kind of let you guys know better what my plans and goals are for the coming year. For now though, feel free to comment below if you have any questions. We’ll see you back here in a week!