Happy Valentine’s Day~ Apparently Mara is the most popular character as the majority of the people who voted on deviantart chose her. I was not really expecting that, but I’m not going to complain either XD. Mara would not make a very good cupid though. She’s aiming to kill more than spread love. This image might be a little bit teaser/spoiler-y, but I think it’s probably ok. I doubt anyone will actually figure it out. In a year you’ll know what I’m talking about :p Also check out this playlist I made just for you~


Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s day, even if you only take advantage of all the clearance chocolate.

Remember to check back tomorrow. I’ll be making a post about the comic’s contest, which is ending at he end of February. The image is a bit NSFW so I guess take that with a grain of salt.