My baby is growing up so fast guys ToT I can’t believe it’s been three years already since RDD started posting online. Thank you all so much for your continued support and comments. I really couldn’t do it without you all <3 Here’s to another great year ahead!


Just a little about this image, it’s technically part of the Inktober series I’m doing this month other on twitter and instagram. Though I technically cheated and did this one early so I could color/post it today :p For inktober I’ve been doing “fashion ocs,” which has basically been me going through my pinterest boards and picking complicated clothing to draw. For this one though, I did also us one of those squad base pose references. This one to be precise. Though I also didn’t exactly follow it X)


Also, just as a heads up, the special bonus, birthday comic is going to be posting the last week of the month. So it’ll be sort of a Halloween treat I guess! It was going to be this week, but it ended up being longer than I originally intended it to be (it’s become 8 pages instead of 5) so I needed a little extra time to get it done. It’s gonna be good guys~