You know they send a person to repossess your Design license if you use Comic Sans, Papyrus, or Curls outside of a joking context? I think that is my official “Send Help” code word though now. You’ll know I’ve been ‘napped if I start using Comic Sans for everything.


Did I get you? Did you enjoy this good April Fool’s goof? :3 Rainy Day Café is actually not really something new, I used to play around with this au a lot back in high school. I thought it would be fun to revive it for April Fool’s this year though. It is meant to be a bonus chapter (~12 pages) that I’ll release in full at some point. The plot is basically Tristin and Mielle competing for Marlow’s attention via a series of silly shojo, cafe tropes. If you want sneak peeks until then, I’d encourage you to become a patron ^^