As per usual, once I finished the image more votes came in and changed the winning result :p So for the moment (even though the Mysterious Gentleman is currently in the lead and Calixte is tied with Amélie) here is the special playlist image I’ve made for you. Mother & Son is a playlist of songs that make me think about Amélie and Michael’s relationship. It’s not the happiest playlist, though you probably could have guessed that. Also, I’d recommend headphones unless you’re listening alone.


Since it’s a little bit of a bummer playlist here are a few more playlists for the other supporting cast characters:

Mysterious Gentleman: Love / Trick  Watch out! This playlist is pretty NSFW.

Calixte’s playlist is just my Anime Bullshit playlist. It’s mostly anime opening songs and some vocaloid stuff :p

And last but not least, for the three of you who voted for her, a playlist for Tabitha: Heartless.


I have a couple other Rainy Day Soundtrack playlists, including the master playlist, on my Spotify. If you’d like to check out all the the varying levels of good music I listen too, go ahead and give my profile a follow.


If you have songs that remind you of this comic or the characters in it, don’t be shy about sending those my way. I love getting new music 🙂