This guy’s name is Savva and he’s the worst! But he is an interesting monster. Savva, and all of Mara’s classmates who aren’t main cast, were generated using a custom generator Taylor made me. It pared a monster species with a physical characteristic. So for example, Savva is an athletic Shug Monkey. A Shug Monkey basically a big shaggy sheepdog with a monkey face (or at least that’s what Wikipedia tells me). I took some liberties with his design. I went with a more generally monkey design, but he certainly is shaggy and has a big poofy dog tail that you’ll see in other pages better. You can kind of get a glimpse of it in the second to last panel by this hand. Shug monkeys are also typically black furred I guess, but Savva would be more of a dusty blond, if I were to color him.

I’ll be posting my design sketches and generation keywords for the rest of Mara’s classmates to Patreon, so if you’re interest in seeing that make sure to subscribe! I’ve also been posting pictures of most of my workflow so becoming a patron is great if you’re interested in seeing rough drafts of pages, their pencils, and the line inks as I do them.


And finally, the Content Warning for the next page: Sexual Harassment, Threatened Violence, Swears