Oh man, now that I’m here in my pre-alloted gushing space, I feel a little at lose for words. This is probably going to get rambly so feel free to just skip this.

It’s really strange in some ways to think about how this time last year I started posting RDD online. To be completely honest, I never really wanted to be a webcomic artist. I always wanted to do comics, but I always figured I’d just publish them physically. I’d still like this to happen someday, but overall I’ve enjoyed being a webcomic artist way more than I thought I would. There are some things I still want to work on, like continuing to build my colleague base and getting better at the uphill battle that is advertising, but I think this first year has been good. Here’s too the second one being even better!

I can’t leave out how most of why it’s been a good first year is because of you readers. I really appreciate every visit, page view and comment I get from you guys. I’d been working on RDD for about 10 years before starting putting it online and it makes me so happy that other people (even if I have very little idea how many) enjoy it enough to regularly follow along. Thank you so much, I hope you’ll enjoy what this year has in store!