The first lore post! This series of posts before Chapter 18 is going to focus mainly on magic and technology in the Nameless World. These were all originally posted on Patreon back in 2018 or so, but I’ve refreshed them with some additional spot art for here.

Also here’s the text just in case it’s too hard to read on the image.

Most Strangers are, in one way or another, able to tap into the unseen, cosmic energy that flows through the universe. This energy is called many names, but is most commonly referred to as Aether. Being innately able to access this flow of energy is what allows a vast range of species to shape shift between multiple forms. An individual’s ability to manipulate Aether depends on a combination of genetics and chance (or Fate, as those who believe in such things might say). Regardless of any natural talent, or lack thereof, an individual might possess, a great deal of hard work and training is often required of those who wish to go into the field of magical arts professionally.

As with any skilled trade, a commercial demand exists for spellcraft products. This can include anything from potions and magically imbued objects to ready-to-use spells. Such spells are contained within seal circles. Sealed magic remains within whatever object it has been bound to (usually pieces of paper) and will only release the stored command once a specific condition has been met. Often this is as simple as contact with skin. One of the most common examples of this are minor healing spells. Much like a bandage, minor healing spells are often found in home first aid kits and are good at repairing small cuts, relieving minor burns and other skin irritations, easing cramps, and can help with disinfecting larger wounds.

Besides healing, other commonly sold types of spells include elemental magics, spells for light, wards, and communication spells. In the technological age, simple communication spells are not in high demand, though a market still exists for more complex spells, such as silent and mental communication. While cell phones are much cheaper than artifacts like scrys or mind stones, these items have the advantage of not needing to rely on service towers to work.