Update 9/20/19: This fan art was originally posted as part of Fan Art Fridays on June 19, 2015.


Seems like a good time for a chibi Mara XD The last of the series from BunnyBotto~


So I didn’t end up writing anything about graduating for Monday’s update. I figured I’d do it now before I loose any ability to be sentimental about it. It’s hard though, I’m not sure what exactly to say. It was a good experience. Longer than I expected, but I like learning, and I’m glad I went with the double major. The $32K in student loans I could live without, but that’s another story entirely. I know that kind of debt keep a lot of people from going to school, but if I had to do it again, I still would have. Education is important, not just because it’s so wrapped up in finding a job, but also because it makes you a better, more well rounded person. Having gone to both a community college and a university, I would totally say that the university experience was worth the debt. I really feel like I’ve become I much more critical thinker because of it.


I’m not sure what all is coming next for me. Obviously I’ve got to find a job so I can start paying back that big scary loan, but I think I’m going to take another week or two before I start writing cover letters. I was finally able to get back to working on RDD with any kind of consistency this week and that felt so good after the quarter of relative inability to do so. I just want to say again, thank you for putting up with the smaller updates. I do really hope to be able to get back to the regular 3 days a week again. I really appreciate your support as readers. Thank you as well to the Patreon supporters. If you’re interested in also supporting the comic monetarily, head on over here. Currently this goes to funding ad space on Project Wonderful, though it would be awesome if some day I could use that money to chip away at the student loans as well.


It would also be super helpful if you took a look at Taylor’s Kickstarter for his letter tile based table top system, Spell. You may have noticed the banner ad at the top of the screen and the skyscraper to the right :p