I love that third panel Tristin X’) I I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about not toning her like that, but I ended up really liking the effect.


Hey! As you may have noticed I didn’t do a Valentine’s event this year. I’m kind of bummed I didn’t, but life is still pretty busy. Just didn’t have the time to organize and do the extra art for it this year. But what I can offer you is some fanfic written by my husband! He’s post three over the last couple of years. Go give them a read:

A Flash of Magic: Tristin x Young!Mara – Tristin gets stuck in Mara’s memory of herself as the same age as Tristin.

Delectable: Tristin x Tabitha – Tristin and Tabitha reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Cat’s Got Your Tongue: Tristin x Calixte – Tristin dresses in that cat cutout keyhole outfit as a “joke” for Halloween and inadvertently gets Calixte, an actual cat person, all mixed up about it.

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Here’s a bonus Mara x Michael as a treat :3 Did this one back in October.