Ok! Here we go on some Mara backstory!


So there are a couple of things to know about this chapter. The first is that it’s very long! Like in the area of 75 pages long! Honestly, it probably could have been longer, but I ended up condensing and cutting a lot for the sake of getting back to the present timeline a little sooner.


You might be wondering why the Part 1. There is at least one (probably two, we’ll see how things shake out) other viewing-past-via-psychic-memories chapter I have planned, but that won’t be the next chapter. Though this is probably the longest of Mara’s backstory chapters, I’m still planning on putting a large amount of time between this one and the next.


This chapter has A LOT of SEMI-FREQUENT content warnings. I’ll be doing my best to warn you guys as they come up with banners at the top of the page that contains them and heads up messages in the under-text of the previous page. I’m going to try really hard to not slip up and miss any, but, just in case, I’m going to list as many of them as I can think of here. This chapter contains: Bullying, Misogyny, Sexual Harassment, Threatened Sexual Violence, Non-Sexual Violence, Injury, Blood. This is a big scary list, but hopefully as you’re reading it won’t be as distressing as this list makes it out to be. All of this stuff is spread out, and while the chapter is meant to be a little heavy emotionally, most of the worst stuff is in the first half of the chapter.


The last thing, you may recall the playlist I made forever ago by the same name as this chapter. It isn’t actually a playlist for this chapter, it’s more of a general Mara playlist, but I thought I might remind you it existed in case you wanted some listening material.


Alright! Away we go, friends~