Hey all, Summer News! So as per usual, I’ll be doing a Summer Posting Schedule again this year. So that will mean I’ll be dropping down to 1 page a week until October when the regular 2 pages will resume. I’m kicking around the idea of making some old patreon bonus content posts here during this time and also about bringing back Fan Art Fridays for these three months. So if you’ve got any RDD fan art or guest comics you’d like my to post email me those bad boys along with any social media or website links that you’d like included.


Speaking of Patreon, Summer is always a great time to hop onboard since I’ll be posting my workflow for all the secret side stuff I’ll be working on there. $1 patrons get to see at least one post per week of this work feed. If you want to see absolutely everything (that I remember to take a picture of), it’s worth it to spring for the $5 tier. You’ll get between 3 – 5 posts per week of all the art stuff I’m getting up to, in addition to coupons for my online stores. (I’ll make a post about this later, but there will be a summer sale going on in my merch shop which $5 patrons will receive a special coupon for)

There is also a new tier at $3 for people who are all about that world building. It’s called Lorekeeper and it’ll include things like Q+As and world building essays and the occasional infographic/illustration. The content for this tier is going to be mostly patron driven, but for the first few posts I’ve got a series of essays planned about the Order. So if you’ve been dying for more information about the Circles or how St. Oem plays into the greater structure Order schools, this tier is for you.

And, as always, if February’s Shipping Contest isn’t enough smooches for you, there’s always the $6 tier.


What am I planning on working on this summer? A lot of things! Certainly more things than I’ll actually have time for TuT But namely, I for sure want to make and post a few more pages of the Forest (either a new short or part of the next chapter), I’ve had my Koschei the Deathless short bouncing around in my head a lot lately, some mermaid comics, and I’ve got something special planned for Inktober this year. Something who’s code name might be Gothic Nutcracker. In addition to all that, I’m still working on redo pages for the early chapters of RDD. Based on that poll that’s been running, I’m going to focus on Chapter One for now. There’s about 10 pages that I plan on redoing and I’m currently thinking that will be the special post for this year’s anniversary. Also maybe some podcasts? We’ll see.


I hope you all have awesome summer plans! If you want to keep up with what I’m doing, here are all my links so you can follow along <3