As mentioned above, fun side projects! Over the last few months in particular, I’ve been find it really hard to make time for non-RDD things. My brain does this really annoying thing where if I’m not working on RDD stuff, even if I’m ahead of schedule, I feel like I’m wasting time. So I’ve decided to schedule myself some “vacation time,” in addition to the actual vacation I’m taking ;p Some of the things I hope to work on are another two chapters for the Forest, some short stories from various anthology pitches I’ve submitting over the year, and just some general illustration stuff. One of the illustrations in particular is for the 2018 Object Head Zine. This issue is open submission so I encourage any of you artists out there to participate.


Just to explain the Choose Your Own Adventure thing in a little more detail, once a week while were on summer break hours I will post at least new one (possibly more) poll that will have several options for advancing the story. The first one is already up! I think I’ll also be posting the polls on my Twitter so make sure to follow along there in case you miss a week or just want to vote twice. I’ll be working on turning the results into a short comic during the break which I’ll puts in it’s entirety for RDD’s third birthday on October 13th.