I’ve got a dual Kickstarter update for you all! As I mentioned before Taylor, my very sweet partner, is Kickstarting a printing of his original ttrpg, Spell. The campaign is closing 9pm PST Friday (3/9)! I meant to post an announcement about this earlier but I spaced on it ^^’ And Chubby Anthology’s Kickstarter launched yesterday so the timing seemed right to make one post about both.


These two projects are really great and also mean a lot to me; Spell because it’s a game that I like a whole lot that is also made by my partner, and CA, not only because I made art for it, but because I’ve been helping the creator out with putting the campaign together. Both projects are chock full of really amazing art from a wide range of creators so please check them out if you’ve got the time. And even if you aren’t able to contribute to them financially, sharing them with a friends who might be interested and posting about them to social media is also a great way to help out!