Hey all! I got a bunch of updates that I wanted to share with you!


The first is about the 2018 Shipping Contest! As of now, until January 9th (next tuesday) the google form will remain open so you’ve got one last chance to get them in! I was going to be strict about the deadline this year, but I ended up being out of town and out of internet/phone range over the weekend. When I got back there were like 9 new votes on the spicyness poll, but I hadn’t gotten any more ship submissions so I figured I’d give all you lemonheads an extension: link


The second announcement is indirectly related to the first. Last month I started a new smut tier on patreon. I was planning on making a post about it after the contest results went up, but now seemed like a good time considering how many of you seem thirsty for some lemonade up in here :p The new tier is $6 a month so you get all of the early comic pages as well as the bonus content in the $5 tier. There’s already a handful of shippy posts up their so get on over and sign up!


In similarly related news, I now have a membership available on Gumroad. I decided to set one of these up due to the drama that went on with Patreon last month. If you’re leery about Patreon, but would still like access to the rewards then this membership is for you! Not everything is up there yet, but I’ll be uploading the archive of all my patreon post us until this point and from here on out. This will include everything from the $1, $5, and $6 tiers (early updates, bonus material, smut) for $5 a month. There are also deals for if you want to sign up for a multiple month subscription: link.


I also recently started a Facebook page for myself as an artist. I’ll be posting update reminders, various drawings, and design work/commissions. I’ll also post news updates there so that’s a good place to follow along in addition to twitter if you’d like to keep up to date on stuff: link.


Lastly, I submitting RDD to the 2017 Excellence in Webcomics Awards. I did not place, so I guess I’m not excellent. But if you disagree with that and have enjoyed following along with RDD it would mean a lot to me if you would vote for Rainy Day Dreams for People’s Choice. You can do so here. You can only vote once, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your friends who haven’t read yet also vote.



This isn’t really a news update, but I also just wanted to throw in a quick thanks for spending the year with me. I didn’t really have time to write a big, heartfelt thing back in October, but now seemed like an equally appropriate time. Whether you’ve been reading for a long time or just started recently, I really appreciate you being here. This year has been rough in a lot of ways. I put myself out there as an artist more than I had the year before, which was good, but also came with having to deal with more rejection too. On top of that, our oldest cat, Spooky, passed away this last month and Taylor left his job so 2017 ended on a pretty tough note. But even when things are hard it’s comforting to know that you all are reading along and enjoying the things I put so much of my time into making. It makes my day to see new votes on a poll or new comments(which are nearing 500 in total!) on a page. So thank you all for making 2017 great and here’s to more greatness in 2018!