Update 9/20/19: This fan art was originally posted as part of Fan Art Fridays. To clean up the archive a little bit I’ve moved it to earlier in the timeline. Fae also has new cool projects! Go follow her on twitter and check out her collaborative project, Cry Novel (a kinetic Novel focusing on two road-tripping, cryptid-hunting trans lesbians, their blossoming relationship, and the thorns of past trauma).


This super amazing, sparkly fan art is by Fae Kells from the Third Wheel team. Third Wheel does the role playing web series, Thrilling Intent (among other things!). Maybe you’ve heard of it *looks at buddies section* If you haven’t, go watch it, cuz it’s hilarious and has very nice art for you to look at.

Fae was kind enough to make me this amazing fan art of Tristin, inspired by chapter four’s dancing madness. Dancing Queen is definitely one of Tristin’s theme songs. She’s probably more of an A*Teens version than the original Abba though.