Today is officially RDD’s 6th birthday~~~ :’)

Chapter 2 has been refreshed with the new and remastered pages. To give those a read, click here!

Over the weekend while doing some lettering for Chapter 18 I had to go dive into some of the Chapter 10-13 era of comic pages to pull some images for a background flashback. I was really wild to see how much my art has improved over the last year. Not even just the art style, but in aspects like panel composition. I’m just so happy and proud of how these new book 1 pages turned out TuT It also makes me wish I’d been able to just redraw all the old pages, but it would have taken far too much time. But it would definitely be something I’d love to do if I had big publisher money to fund it! XD

Speaking of which, as with every new year, I’ve got some big plans for year 6! And part of that is I’m starting an email mailing list! Below the comic is a ok way to deliver news to readers. But if you’re like me and only catch up on your webcomics once every few months, you might be missing out on updates. By joining this, at most, monthly mailing list you’ll know get those important updates right away. And even some freebies from time to time! This will be news like when I have a new Kickstarter going (which, as an early heads up, I have a non-RDD related book planned for printing early 2021), when I finally get around to making chapter commentary tracks Gunnerkrigg Court style, or just when a new chapter of RDD is starting. And I’ll probably throw in some art how-to’s and some other fun stuff. Maybe some wedding pictures 😉 So go sign up right now!

And also, if you’re the type who gets down with Discord, don’t forget to join the RDD fan community!

Also also! I’m expecting the fleet of Book 1’s to be delivered this Friday~~~ ^o^ Grab your’s today!