And we’ve done it lads! Tristin is on-screen confirmed bi/pansexual.

This is a really important moment for me in terms of RDD milestones. If you’ve read my various social media blurbs, Kickstarter copy, or About page descriptions, then you may have seen me describe RDD as “queer-friendly.” I’ve struggled with calling this story or categorizing it as a Queer genre story. While the cast has a range of sexuality and genders, Rainy Day Dreams isn’t a story about the queer experience. It’s about a diverse group of individuals going about their adventures. In the same way that I think it would be very misleading to label it as something like girl love/boy love (and even sometimes categorizing it as Romance feels disingenuous), I’ve struggled over the years with even just pitching it as queer-friendly since the character’s sexual orientations really haven’t ever been explicitly stated. Which is why this page means a lot to me <3