Do you have a creative endevour (webcomic, podcast, youtube channel, kickstarter, etc.) and a need for ad space? Then advertise right here on Rainy Day Dreams!


Ad Information

Cost: $10 for one month (30 days)

Dimensions: 728 pixels x 300 x pixels (ads must fit these dimensions)

Your ad will appear at the bottom of all site pages.


Rates and Dimensions may change in the future.


Site Stats

Average Monthly Unique Visitors: ~550

Average Monthly Page Views: ~10,000

Top 3 Countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom


All stats collected using Google Analytics.


Restrictions and Guidelines

  • All ads must be acceptable for a PG-13 audience
    • Ads for NSFW sites are still acceptable as long as they are clearly labeled NSFW / 18+ and the ad itself is SFW
  • I will not accept ads for sites that promote bullying or hateful ideologies.
  • I will not accept ads for sites that I suspect of copyright infringement, counterfeiting, or art theft.
  • At this time, I am currently not accepting any animated ads.


I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.


Sound Good?

Then get to filling out that google form to submit an ad request! After I’ve confirmed your request and locked the dates for your ad run time, I will send you an invoice (either via paypal or google pay).