I have a longer lore post planned for Patreon eventually about doppelgangers in Rainy Day Dreams, but for now I’ll just give you a little taste! I use the term differently than how it’s used in actual folk lore. In the world of RDD, it’s a term used to refer to types of twins. So for example, there are still fraternal, identical, and doppel. Unlike strictly mundane twins, Doppelgangers are a magical type of twining where the twins are (sort of) two halves of a singular whole. Like how in RDD vampire can be an additive to other Stranger species, so can being a doppelganger twin.

There’s also a few different types of doppelganger’s. Fun fact: Tabitha is also a doppelganger twin, but not the same type as Amélie!

If you’d like to know more about actual doppelganger mythology, I recommend the podcast, Lore! Specifically this episode.