This is the last week of the sale! I’ll be turning the code off at 10pm PST Friday evening. Make sure you take advantage of it while you can. Use code: happybirthday at check out to get 30% off!

This is also a little bit of an early heads up, but next week (starting this Saturday) is TCAF’s (Toronto Comics and Arts Festival) vitural con. I’ll be “tabling” at it! So if you’re a Canadian reader next week will most likely be your chance to get RDD and the rest of my physical merch with a more reasonable shipping rate! I’ll post more info (hopefully with a booth link) as next week’s update for you all.

This week’s product spotlight items are the Tristin Space Bear Kigurumi charms and Chubby Anthology Vol. 5. This issue of Chubby Anthology features the short RDD comic, the Cutest Squid, along with many other great mermaid comics and illustrations. Perfect for MerMay! I’m down to my last 10 or so of these. There won’t ever be more printed, so now’s the time to get them. The Tristin charm on the other hand, I have too many of! XD This was my first attempt at making acrylic charms and I definitely ordered more than I was able to sell in a reasonable time frame. Help me get them out of my closet and out into the world where everyone can enjoy their cuteness! XD